by Lien-yueh Wei





Moses' View on Sacred and Profane






    In the beginning of Exodus, the first time God manifest Himself is to appear to Moses within the bush. The first notion God convey to Moses is Sacred and Profane. When God say, “The place on which you stand is holy ground.” God tell Moses that the place where a person encounters with God is a sacred place. Then, Moses know that he must distinguish sacred from profane before he comes to meet God. This notion becomes a principle of theophany. It implies that a temple is not the place where a person to meet with God, but the place where a person to meet with God become a temple.

    Therefore, before we come to a sacred place to meet God, we must have to eliminate profane thoughts and actions through an interior or exterior ritual. One of the exterior rituals is that Moses removes his sandals in the case of Exodus.dus.


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