by Simon
Lien-yueh Wei





Question God?





In the history, although the questions regarding God have been questioned and also have been answered in every generation, people of both side, questioners and answerers always feel unsatisfied from the response of opposite side.  

Maybe, it is impossible to meet the need, because after all we cannot ask the questions regarding God and expect to get the good answer from a human. A human being also cannot give a good answer to others for God. 

On the other hand, we can also find an interesting phenomenon: some people never think that any good thing in their life was from God, but almost all of them consider bad things that were caused by God. For example, when some something good happen to a person, the person always think that “I did a good job so that I get what I shall get,” or “I am so lucky”. But when some something bad happen to the person, the person may say “why God let this thing happen to me?” or “Why God do this to me?”

        However, since we rarely attribute any good thing to God, why we attribute many bad things to God? It is unreasonable.


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